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Being that i’m weeks away from launching my first online course, Bold and Brave Selling – The Sales Academy for Entrepreneurs, I thought this would be a perfect time to point out some BIG things I notice people do that totally kill their sales.

Look ladies, sales is an art. If everyone was good at it, then everyone would be rolling around in dollar bills. But here is the thing, as long as you know what you’re doing, have all the right pieces in place and have confidence in your messaging, things can and will fall into place. Of course Bold and Brave Selling will REALLY lay out everything you need to know but in the meantime let’s talk about what not to do.

  1. Not listening.

I don’t care if you are on social media, presenting in person, on a webinar, or just having a one on one conversation with someone… if in the back of your mind.. you are thinking ahead to “when can I tell them what I want to sell” you already lost the deal. Concentrating on selling instead of understanding what the buyer truly needs is the ultimate fail. If you are able to understand their problem… and you can literally lay out a solution to them… bam! you got yourself a new client! But if you throw some “product” and I put air quotes around that because you might think it’s exactly what they need but to them its just another thing being sold to them, then you have lost. I was on a discovery call the other day, shadowing a new sales rep, and she literally talked the entire time. I rarely got to hear from the client. I was overwhelmed and I know the products and services inside and out. There was no after call to that because the client was not surprisingly turned off to further conversations. If you can get the client talking to you, get them active in the conversation and ultimately gain their trust early on.. thats called winning.

2. Lack of sincerity.

If you haven’t spent the time to develop rapport with that person and I mean really build that trust factor, then just stop trying to sound genuine in your initial outreach. Again, I put air quotes around “sound genuine” because lately I feel that is generally lacking in the sales process. This is not a knock on the MLM community because I myself am a distributor for a company, but unfortunately there is a lot of MLM’ers out there that use this tactic and it’s pushing people away from even thinking about buying from direct selling companies. Example A – I gain a new follower on IG, cool. She sends me a message and says “love you feed and your mission. It looks like you are on a health and wellness journey like myself. I would love to add you to my group.” Stop. Stop just stop. If you know me, if you follow me, if you truly watch my stories and follow my posts… im not on a health and wellness journey. I drink wine, I love Mac n cheese, I tried juicing for a day, maybe i’ll get back on it here soon but im certainly not your ideal customer. You just randomly found my profile, saw me as a target and threw your sales pitch at me. Not only did I not take the bait, but i’m going to send you a polite message saying “way to go, appreciate the hustle but thanks but no thanks.” I will always be kind to ladies that are hustling hard to get the sale even if they are going about it the wrong way. No need to be nasty. But ladies, there is over 3 billion people out there on social media. Do you research, dig around for the people that are your real ideal clients and work on perfecting relationships with them. Be genuine, let your passion speak for itself and stop trying to do cold outreach without doing a quick glance at the persons feed.


There is something to be said about creating a sense of urgency by using statements such as “time is running out” or “limited spots available.” Hell, I’m only allowing a certain number of people into my first course. But applying pressure early on without a true justification to it could come off as a used car salesman. If you have to resort to those tactics however, really think to yourself why and is it benefiting your end game? Sometimes pressure is great especially if you are running a special sale. It creates an incentive for that person to buy sooner than later, but if you are applying pressure in a way that appears sleazy, thats a quick way to get the big ole block on social media. Not to mention, you might come off desperate. Be open and honest. Look, I have limited spots in the first launch of my Bold and Brave Selling course. Why? I want to make sure the first launch is successful, I have time to dedicate to those that invest their money in it and im trying to truly transform their business. I am intentionally limiting spots for a business need.

4. Failure to establish trust.

Alright this is a big one with me. There are some masters out there that I will literally pull my credit card out for and have in an instant because I trust their message, they deliver amazing content and I know my money will be well spent. You know how you do you do that? Be yourself and be the best version of yourself. Nobody is perfect. But if you are selling a product, instead of just saying look at this shiny cool thing I have, SHOW US. If you are selling a service, put yourself out there and talk through your framework of how you came up with the offering. The thing with selling that I love is when I can get it to the point where I dont feel like i’m selling. I can talk about the prodct/service so freely and so confidently because its a part of my dna. I’m proud of it, I know it provides value and I know it will be transformational. If you can get your mindset to that place, you can see the sales roll in because at that point you aren’t selling… you are just creating value to your market. Your client will see you as a partner, not a sales person.

5. No follow through

One thing that people tell me is that im always available and responsive to questions. If I tell you im going to get you an answer to something, then damnit, i’m getting you an answer. It may not be the next day especially if I’m waiting on someone, but at a minimum I will respond and let you know I’m working on it. Why? We all have a freaking cell phone. And we are all attached to them. If you are going days or even a week without following up with a potential prospect (aka an income stream), then you just don’t care enough to be successful. And thats ok. Just admit that you aren’t ready to put in the work and you won’t make the money like you’re wanting.

6. Being overly arrogant vs. confident.

Im sorry this might get me some slack but here it goes. Im in sales, I’m not always confident in my looks, hell I went all weekend in NYC with my husband for a getaway with a pimple the size of this earth on my cheek but instead of wallowing away in misery, which I have a tendency to do when adult acne strikes hot, I just owned up to it on my Instagram stories. I’m confident in knowing that my looks aren’t determined by a few temporary flaws. I am also confident in my abilities. I have been in sales now for 10 years, first in retail then b2b (business to business) and now a little bit of business to consume (B2C). I have seen failures but I have seen many more successes. So when people say, what do you do for a living, I can honestly say sales because thats what I do. Thats not being arrogant, thats just fact. Here is where arrogance can be an issue. The other day I came across a profile on IG, looked like the gal had a podcast too, I was totally digging her vibe. Genuine, unique, total badass so I made a comment like “hey girl, love your vibe and gave you a follow” her response was “you should check out my super popular podcast, you will love it.” Uh whoa. This goes back to that whole failure to establish trust thing. Unless you are Oprah and have a top 10 podcast consecutively week after week, don’t be calling your podcast popular just yet. You could define it more as “I have a top 200 business podcast that could be of interest to you” Or “I would love for you to check out my podcast, its totally geared towards working moms like you” but using the adjective popular in front of it and then assuming I will love it.. I dont know.. it rubbed me wrong. And I felt like she had crossed that line between arrogance and confidence. Listen, confidence is soooo freaking important and I want every single people that follows The Good Life Momma to just radiate with confidence from the inside out. But dang, humility is a great quality too. Its a rare quality that a lot of folks seem to be lacking these days; find a good balance in between. I know I have something special to offer my audience but I’m also a work in progress. As I sit here writing and recording, I have probably 20 books on my desk that I have been using to help create and research content for my course. I didn’t want my course to come off as “here is how I think you should sell…. Blah blah blah.” No, I wanted research, well thought out content that is worth buying. And even though I have a decade of experience, I need help capturing everything I want to capture and damnit I’m putting in the work for y’all. 

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